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Job Opportunities in the IT Sector

One of the growing trends in IT is technology-related jobs such as technology computer programming. As technology advances at a rapid pace, more technology jobs are being created. The demand for people with the knowledge to work in this industry is growing.

All the Information You Need

Jobs that require you to create and develop IT

In the information technology industry, you may find employment in a company that creates or develops information technologies. You may find employment as a computer software engineer, information systems manager, information systems consultant, computer systems engineer, or computer programming technician. Companies that offer these positions are very competitive. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or an equivalent, you will be able to obtain some IT jobs.

Job Opportunities in the IT Sector


Another growing IT career field is in telecommunication. Many companies need telecommunication information technology specialists. These specialists can implement phone programs to make use of the new technologies. They may also work on new software programs for companies that are trying to stay current with advancing technology.

Jobs in computer programming

Several positions exist in the computer programming area. Systems analysts are responsible for developing and maintaining the computer networks of large and medium-sized businesses. These analysts are responsible for choosing the appropriate hardware and software for the companies’ computer networks. Network engineers are responsible for installing and troubleshooting computer networks. Security engineers are responsible for installing security measures around data centers and computer networks. In the information technology world, information technology managers are involved in planning and implementing the business technology policies of the company.

Jobs in IT-related travel

There are also many job opportunities for those interested in information technology-related travel. One such position is that of a computer attendant, a temporary position that allows an individual to be hired and leave at the end of the vacation as needed. The job includes helping computer guests access information, carry printouts or assist in other ways.

Computer technicians

Those interested in becoming computer technicians need to complete either a two-year or four-year degree at an accredited university that specializes in computer programming. The certification process requires specialized training through an accredited school. Some schools offer short term IT-related courses in the summer months, while others offer a longer degree program that allows one to specialize in a particular area of technology.

If you’re planning on becoming a technician in the computer industry, there are many options available. The demand for computer technicians is expected to continue to grow, as companies are looking for ways to cut costs and save money on information technology. By using the Internet, a technician can gain employment and valuable networking experience as well.

To Sum Up

As technology changes, so do our needs for computer programs. Due to this, computer programming professionals must constantly update their knowledge. This allows those who are in the field to provide the services that consumers need, saving them time and money. When a computer technician learns new technology and puts it to use, they can create opportunities by providing jobs to those interested in this career.

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Excellent screencasts! Your point is well taken in regards to the CPU costs of feature detection. On mobile devices, though, I thought the real costs were related to the dearth of RAM and cache space as well as the abysmal download speeds.

This is just one case, but the dojo team was able to eliminate nearly 3/4 of the code in dojo base when they tweaked it to work on webkit only.

This is why UA Profiling (whether using UA sniffing or not) is critical, imho.

While the issue of cache space and RAM are relevant, feature testing in and of itself won’t necessarily contribute to a problem with them. Reducing the size of your library via targeted builds is a great way to deal with those concerns, and I am a fan of customized builds. However, even with feature profiling you don’t have to jump to UA sniffing as your first option, instead you could use a handful of feature detections or weak inferences.

Nicely done, that should hopefully give people some perspective in the discussion.

And bonus points for non-flash video alternative 🙂

JavaScript Magazine Blog for JSMag » Blog Archive » News roundup: the performance of feature detection, Mobile Firefox 4 performance, W3C Touch Events 04:20 on 02/08/2011 | # | Reply
[…] Also check out John-David Dalton’s two part video response arguing in favor of feature testing, based on real-world data showing what he argues to be a small […]

Just to reiterate JDD’s second screencast, the order of techniques from first to last resort are:

1. Feature Testing: Check for the existence of a method and checks that it returns the correct output
2. Feature Detection: Check for the existence of a method
3. Weak Inference: Check for the existence of an unrelated method
4. User Agent Sniffing: Check the browser’s arbitrary user agent string

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